About the Founder

Dr.E.Carolin Praba is a successful Trichologist who completed her certification in Trichology from International association of Trichologists, Australia. She is the first certified Trichologist in South India and 6th in India from IAT, Sydney, Australia. She is a post graduate in Sociology. She started her career as a teacher in Pondicherry in 1991. Dr. E. Carolin Praba was awarded twice for being the Best Woman Entrepreneur in the years 2013 and 2015 and also Australian Alumni excellence award in 2015 by the Australian Alumni Association India.

Praba's Vcare Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd has been awarded IQS (International Quality Summit Award in New York, U.S) as a result of Research and Analysis carried out by BID to recognize the contribution of Praba's Vcare Health Clinic in terms of Leadership Quality and Excellence under the criteria of QC 100 in conjunction with BID's Quality Mix Technology.

The European Business Assembly (EBA) UK and the European Medical Association Belgium has awarded Dr. E. Carolin Praba for her excellent service and chose Vcare Health Clinic Pvt Ltd as the best Health Care Clinic for the year 2016.

The International peace Council USA has Awarded Dr.E.Carolin Praba THE GRAND ACHIEVER 2016 AWARD for her outstanding contributions to Health and Wellness Sector.

Dr.E.Carolin Praba has been engaged in conducting training programs related to Wellness & Beauty through Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences, an internationally recognized institute. V CARE GLOBAL INSTITUTE has been awarded City and Guilds, ITEC certification by London and has been accredited by International Accreditation Organization (USA), Australian University to provide quality training in Trichology and other Aesthetic and Cosmetology courses.

Dr. E. Carolin Praba is an aspiring entrepreneur who has firm belief on growth through continual improvement. This has made her pay more attention towards extensive research & development and implementation of quality systems. She has an aim of delivering quality and result oriented health & wellness products and services to the society.

Dr.E.Carolin Praba has delivered around 50 successful sessions titled “Ungalukaga” on Sun TV during 2003, which has won large viewership.

Her program “Soundarya Lahari” in Gemini TV successfully crossed 300 episodes. Many celebrities from the film industry have participated in this program.

Her program“Endrum Ellamai” in Doordarshan (Podhigai) crossed around 250 episodes. (Phone - In Live Program)

Her Doordarshan program titled “Alagae Alagu” in Podigai TV crossed 100 weeks successfully.
She has presented a program “Endrum Ilamai” in Jaya TV which has attracted a good viewership. More than 150 episodes have been telecasted.

Her Live program “Endrum Ilamai” has crossed more than 100 episodes in Jaya Plus and has gained a wide viewership.

She was invited to participate as a Guest speaker to deliver about her specialization in Channels like Raj TV (Trichology), Sun TV (Santhipoma), Jaya TV (Kaalai Malar), etc
Besides this, she has participated in a lot of programs in local channels in almost all cities of Tamilnadu.

Her vision is to create an extensive awareness about Trichology (A branch of medicine related to treatment of Hair related disorders), Beauty and Wellness among the public. She is more interested in updating the society about the latest innovations and trends in these fields.

She envisions on making use of the best media platform available today to facilitate her awareness campaign and this vision has made her approach your esteemed concern for the telecast of her awareness programs.

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