• Students joining in Basic Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing having Limited Proficiency of English Language are also facilitated to study their course in Tamil or Telugu, since we don’t consider English language as a vital par for the basic beginners.
  • Students opting for International courses are expected to have spoken and written skills in English Language as they will be taught in English and are expected to do all their Assessments and Assignments in English Language.
  • Students who are interested in International courses, having limited proficiency of English language have an option to opt for Basic Course in International courses.
  • Students who wish to choose 100%percent practical classes, can opt for few courses like Customised or Crash courses which will have no theory or very less theory.
  • Those students who are not able to enrol in our courses due to eligibility criteria based on qualification will have a choice of taking an entrance test before enrolment. The student is expected to score more than 60 % for enrolment.
  • Students who are willing to take International courses and are found not competent enough by us, will be giving a 15 days Preparatory Program to check their eligibility to opt for international courses. Students failing in this preparatory assessment will not be able to choose international courses. However students will be given parallel opportunities to pursue their courses.
  • Students who have completed their essential qualification but do not hold their educational certificates are considered non eligible and will follow the Preparatory Program for successful enrolment.
  • Students of any gender above 16 years of age are eligible to take up the courses based on their qualification.
  • Special advice and counselling will be given for International students to choose their courses based on their visa duration. Duration of the courses for International students will have minor changes if required.

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