Our Commitment to Students

Care’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is focused on meeting your needs. We promise to:

  • Understand the needs of our students, staff and the industries in which we operate or do business with.
  • Understand your specific needs and be flexible in our approach to serving you.
  • Operate professionally and always conduct business in a sound, ethical and fair manner.
  • Employ staff who are knowledgeable, qualified, and objective, experienced and always act with integrity.
  • Treat your information confidentially, protect your rights to privacy and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information we hold about you.
  • Respond to student and industry needs and remain competitive within our market.

Educational Guarantee

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is committed to providing excellence in training and education. We are committed to:

  • Providing quality training and education services in the Vocational Education and training sector.
  • Meeting and striving to exceed the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations.
  • Delivering training, assessment and consultancy services that are flexible to the needs of our students.
  • Producing professionals who are appropriately trained, job-ready and have the employability skills expected by industry.
  • Developing courses and assessment processes that meet industry demands, catering for a range of learning styles, and flexible for a diverse range of student needs.
  • Engaging with industry by participating in and/or facilitating relevant professional associations, networks, focus groups and steering committees.
  • Maintaining a supportive learning environment that is conducive to the success of our students, staff and the management.

Management Principles

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences aims to be the best it can be. To enable this we:

  • Use developed and proven management principles, systems and policies to operate an efficient and effective organisation.
  • Are committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement and incorporate these principles into all aspects of the business.
  • Regularly collect feedback and continuously use it to improve and enhance our training and assessment services and management systems.
  • Ensure that decision making of senior management is informed by the experiences of our trainers and assessors.

Access & Equity

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences will treat all people fairly and equitably and foster an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences applies access and equity principles through all of its policies and procedures to promote full and equal participation of all people.

Student Selection

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences ensures that clear and accurate processes for application and selection are outlined and publicised. Entry requirements for each course are clearly outlined in the relevant Course Guide and students wishing to participate in a course or unit of study must meet these requirements

Financial & Legal Standards

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences :

  • Adopts sound business and financial planning systems.
  • Has fair, equitable and transparent fees, charges and refund policies which are made available to the public and to all students prior to enrolment.
  • Will have its accounts certified by a qualified Accountant and are audited annually.
  • Upon request from its registering body, will provide a full audit report and balance sheet on Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences financial accounts from a qualified and independent accountant.

Student Rights

All students have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect by all students and staff.
  • Not be harassed, victimised or discriminated against on any basis.
  • Learn in a supportive environment which is free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation.
  • Learn in a healthy and safe environment where the risks to personal health and safety are managed and minimized.
  • Have their personal details and records kept private and secure according to our Privacy and Personal Information Policy.
  • Access the information Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences holds about them.
  • Have their complaints dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution.
  • Make appeals about procedural and assessment decisions.
  • Receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs.
  • Be given clear and accurate information about their course, training and assessment arrangements and their progress.
  • Access the support they need to effectively participate in their training program.
  • Provide feedback to Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences on the client services, training, assessment and support services they receive.

Student Responsibilities

All students, throughout their training and involvement with Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences are expected to endorse and adhere to the following code of practice. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action, which can include warnings, suspension or expulsion. There are no fee refunds for students who are expelled from the Institute.

Students are expected to:

  • Not harass, victimise, discriminate against or disrupt others.
  • Treat all people with fairness and respect and not to do anything that could offend embarrass or threaten others.
  • Treat all others and their property with respect.
  • Respect the opinions and backgrounds of others.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures as directed by staff.
  • Report any perceived safety risks as they become known.
  • Not bring into any premises being used for training purposes, any articles or items that may threaten the safety of self or others.
  • Notify Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences if any of their personal or contact a details change.
  • Provide relevant and accurate information to Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences in a timely manner.
  • Approach their course with due personal commitment and integrity.
  • Complete all assessment tasks, learning activities and assignments honestly and without plagiarism.
  • Hand in all assessment tasks, assignments and other evidence of their work.
  • Maintain regular contact with their Trainer/Assessor.
  • Prepare appropriately for all assessment tasks, visits and training sessions.
  • Notify Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences if any difficulties arise as part of their involvement in the program.
  • Notify Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences if they are unable to attend a visit or training session for any reason at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the activity.
  • Refrain from smoking at training venues and on the premises of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences.
  • Make payments for their training within agreed timeframes.
  • Not use Social Media to harass, victimise, abuse or bully any other student, trainer or staff member.
  • Not use Social Media to post negative statements or refer to Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences in a negative, slanderous or abusive manner. Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences has a Complaint and Appeal Policy which is to be followed for all complaints and is committed to attempting to resolve issues raised professionally and responsibly without resort to social media.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences has an evidence-based and outcomes-focused approach to maintaining quality practices within its business. Quality is assured in all aspects of the business, in particular training and assessment services, client services and the management of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences ’s own business operations. Feedback from the students is systematically and regularly collected, collated and analysed and the outcomes are used to monitor and improve business operations.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences uses the following occurrences to collect invaluable feedback from Students:

  • course, and class evaluation questionnaires
  • learner engagement and student satisfaction surveys
  • interviews, focus groups and consultations with students, staff and management bodies
  • face to face contact between trainers/assessors and students
  • complaints and appeals
  • internal reviews and external audit reports and organisational self-assessments
  • staff performance appraisal and self-assessment reports
  • internal staff meetings
  • moderation and validation exercises

Students and prospective students are invited to provide their feedback on any aspect of our services at any time. Feedback can be provided in person, over the phone or in writing. All feedback received will be used in Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences ’s feedback and continuous improvement cycle. Generic feedback forms and faculty feedback forms are made available for the students. The students can collect the same from the front office. However all the students will have to give a written feedback after the course completion or before they collect their certificate.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences considers all experiences an opportunity to learn, reflect and improve. Self-reflection and evaluation plays a key role in the organisations continuous improvement and all managers and staff are actively encouraged to participate in continuous improvement processes.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is committed to the fair treatment of all of its students and persons seeking to enroll with us. We apply access and equity principles through all of our policies and procedures to promote full and equal participation of all students in our courses, to foster an environment free of discrimination and harassment and to assist students to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. All staff and contractors employed or engaged Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences are obliged to comply with this policy. To ensure that the learning environment is free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences will ensure that it:

  • Uses the same recruitment and admission process for all applicants
  • Bases admission to courses and programs solely on availability of places and the applicant satisfying course/qualification and funding entry requirements
  • Provides applicants with adequate information and support to enable them to select the most suitable program for their needs
  • Considers issues relating to access and equity when specifying course entry requirements and prerequisites
  • Offers flexible course design with recognition of prior learning
  • Takes into account the requirements of students with a disability when designing courses
  • Provides inclusive and non-discriminatory learning materials
  • Ensures language, literacy and numeracy requirements are consistent with the vocational level of the qualification
  • Adapts assessment where possible to meet student needs
  • Provides students with the right to appeal an assessment or recognition decision
  • Gives all students an equal opportunity to demonstrate competence including through making reasonable adjustments for learners with a disability or special need according to individual circumstances

This may mean providing the appropriate services and/or facilities for student learning and assessment including:

  • The use of adaptive/assistive technology
  • Educational support
  • Alternative assessment methods
  • Extra time to complete a course or assessment
  • Learning support for basic literacy or numeracy difficulties

Students will be selected for enrolment on merit, based on the published course criteria. We will ensure that throughout the process of selection and admission, applicants are treated fairly, courteously and expeditiously. Entry criteria and application procedures are published in course information brochures and on our website. To enroll in a course, complete and submit the Application for Enrolment form which is available either directly from our office. All applicants are interviewed by the Head of the Institute. The interview may take place at our offices or by telephone in special circumstances.

The interview process enables an assessment that the applicant meets the entry requirement for basic computer and English communication skills and to ascertain their suitability to the industry. Applicants may bring a resume, character references, a portfolio of completed work to the interview or anything else they feel relevant as evidence that they meet the published entry requirements.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is committed to ensuring that all students have a reasonable chance of achieving a qualification. For this reason, they may advise applicants to consider alternative career or course choices if there is reasonable doubt about an applicant’s aptitude to manage the course work (with moderate additional support), attitude to meet industry requirements or a genuine interest in pursuing a career in this field. Registered institute, Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is required to collect personal information for mandatory statistical data as prescribed by government regulators. As part of the enrolment process, Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences will collect personal information that is required for the purposes of delivering the program to you, or in meeting government reporting requirements and it will only be used for the specific purposes for which it was collected, such as:

Contact information such as name, organisation, position, address, telephone, and email, emergency contact, employment and educational histories, referees reports, date of birth and marital status. Sometimes information collected may be regarded as sensitive such as ‘Disability’ and ‘long-term impairment status’ (health); and ‘indigenous status’, ‘language spoken at home’, ‘proficiency in spoken English’, ‘country of birth’ (implies ethnic/racial origin). For foreign students copies of the passport and visa are collected while enrolling for the course. Additional personal information is solicited during orientation to ensure your personal protection and wellbeing whilst at Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences . The provision of this information is voluntary and will not impact your enrolment status with Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences offers a complimentary counselling service at no cost to the student. This service is to assist students with any issues that may be causing stress to the student’s progress or restricting the students’ ability to fully engage in the course. This is part of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences ’s standard of excellence and holistic approach to education, to ensure every student gets the best possible support to complete their studies.

This counselling service can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Individually as requested by the student
  • Through a referral from the Principal
  • At the recommendation of the Counsellor

This service is confidential and the student can access this service directly to the counsellor, through a message left at administration, or email. Any information offered by the student to the counsellor is confidential.

Behaviour Management

In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and as part of a student’s personal commitment to student rights and responsibilities, Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences endorses and expects high standards of behaviour and decorum from all students. A display of any of the following behaviours is regarded as conflicting with Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences Service Excellence attitudes and behaviours and may lead to disciplinary action:

  • Disobeying a reasonable teacher request
  • Rude or derogatory behaviour or action
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Non-attendance or non-participation
  • Failure to comply with a reasonable teacher request, rude, derogatory or disruptive behaviour, non-attendance/non participation, may result in verbal and/or written warnings. Failure to heed verbal and written warnings, in ongoing situations of noncompliance and misconduct, will result in further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Principal and/or the Managing director.


Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences is committed to the highest standards of education and professional service and to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable process for resolving complaints and appeals.

Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences aims to

  • foster a culture that welcomes complaints as a valid opportunity to improve organisational or academic processes or products
  • ensure that complaints are resolved promptly, objectively, fairly, with sensitivity and confidentially;
  • ensure that both corrective and preventative actions are implemented to prevent recurrence of issues

A complaint is generally directed at the general performance of Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences or its staff in the delivery of products or services.

An appeal is a request to review or reconsider a decision or outcome and in a Registered Training Organisation can be specifically about an assessment outcome (often referred to as an ‘academic appeal’) or a more general decision, including but not limited to decisions relating to:

  • unsatisfactory complaint resolution;
  • behavioural misconduct and possible resulting disciplinary action taken by Vcare’s
  • Global Institute of Health Sciences;
  • refunds or non-payment of fees (potentially relating to withholding of award);
  • matters relating to a person’s application for study and enrolment outcomes;
  • the management of personal information;
  • an academic decision including assessment and results;
  • training and assessment facilities and learning resources
  • staff behaviour

Students should endeavour to bring complaints and appeals to the attention of The Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences staff as soon as possible after they arise. Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences may be less able to investigate complaints or appeals that are notified after passage of time. All complaint and appeal processes will be actioned as promptly as possible.

Where external mediation or arbitration is undertaken in efforts to resolve a complaint or appeal, Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences will uphold and implement any findings, decisions, corrective or preventative action required. Students will have access to all internal processes without charge. Any costs for external mediation and/or arbitration, where internal processes are exhausted or if specifically requested by the complainant, will be shared equally by Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences and the complainant.

In relation to non-academic complaints or appeals, the term “student” or “complainant” applies to both current students of the RTO and persons seeking to enroll in a course with the RTO. This process will be made available to students regardless of the location of the campus at which the grievance has arisen, the mode in which they study or their place of residence.


In the first instance, students are encouraged wherever possible, to resolve issues or concerns informally and directly with the person(s) concerned. If this is not possible, students should contact the Principal to discuss the issue and formalise the complaint or appeal.

The Principal will:

  • inform the student of his or her rights. Students will be required to document their issue(s), including the desired outcome to resolve the issue, in writing via email or letter
  • to enable appropriate investigation. Receipt of the compliant/ appeal will be acknowledged within 5 working days, and the complaint process will commence no later than 10 days form the receipt of the complaint.
  • unless they are the subject of the complaint or appeal, arrange an appointment to interview the student in depth at the earliest possible time, allowing the student to be accompanied by a support person if necessary and referring them to an alternative member of staff if more appropriate or if this is preferred;
  • listen objectively to the student’s representation, clarifying as necessary; ask questions,
  • identify and note the nature, sequence and consequences of the reported incident,
  • allowing the student an opportunity to verbalise his or her concerns;
  • clarify the student’s purpose and the desired outcome of the complaint.
  • No pressure will be applied to the student to achieve a specific result.

Where a matter is resolved at this stage, the staff member must then determine whether some adjustment to the policies, procedures, culture or other aspect of Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences operations might require modification.This is achieved through input to the continuous improvement process. If no satisfactory resolution is obtained, the student may escalate the complaint (internal appeal) to the Principal/ the Managing Director who will review the complaint and seek a mutually agreeable resolution, including the option of external mediation.

Where a student chooses to access this policy and procedure and initiate a complaint or appeal, Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences will maintain their enrolment whilst the process is ongoing. Records of all complaints and appeals, including but not limited to written documentation, recordings where applicable, and notes, will be retained for 5 years from the initial lodgment of the complaint or appeal. Privacy legislation and access to personal information policies apply.

Standard of Presentation

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences expects and endorses high standards of Personal Grooming and Presentation of all students in accordance with its Service Excellence attitudes, values and behaviours. Courses are designed in preparation for real-world luxury service environments and encompass the values of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences . These courses serve to meet the standards and professional attributes as required by the Beauty industry, in order to maximize and support students’ employment opportunities. Therefore, specific standards of grooming and presentation are required of all students and reinforced through high standards of personal hygiene and dress, by way of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences uniform.

Students are closely monitored in order to ensure the required standards of grooming and presentation, including the uniform requirements, are being met and maintained. Students who do not maintain these standards may be excluded from class and/or sent home until correct attire is worn. Students may also receive verbal and written warnings.

Consistent non-adherence to the uniform standards as set out in Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences Style Guide may result in further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Principal and/or the Managing Director. Please note, any costs incurred from missed classes is at the expense of the student.

Personal Grooming

The following guidelines apply for personal grooming. Please also ensure reference to Vcare's

Global Institute of Health Sciences Style Guide for complete details:

  • Hair must be worn in a neat and tidy high bun
  • Make-up must represent a polished, professional style and must be worn as prescribed
  • Nails must be kept clean, trim and well-manicured
  • Tattoos are to be covered
  • Minimal jewellery is to be worn, only one pair of earrings is to be worn and any visible piercings, including facial must be removed while attending the Institute.

Uniform and Behaviour

In alignment with Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences ’s commitment to developing Service Excellence attitudes, values and behaviours, all students are required to wear Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences uniform and identity card as their daily attire. When correctly attired in uniform, students represent Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences brand and are therefore required to present and behave appropriately in accordance with Student Responsibilities under the Student Code of Conduct.

The following items comprise the basic necessities of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences uniform.

  • Student coat
  • Student identity card
  • The Students apron (during certain treatments) Students should follow the dress code during the class hours. The students are asked to wear their id cards and coats during their training period without which they will not be able to attend their classes.


Classes commence promptly at 10.00 am. The class timings and duration of the course should be strictly followed by the student. Students are to arrive prior to the start of class and with sufficient time to prepare for the class as required. Each class forms part of the structured delivery of the syllabus and Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences Students are required to attend all classes.

The student should have minimum 80% of the attendance to be eligible to write the final examination. In order for students to be able to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary to complete the course students must attend all classes or tutorial sessions. In the event that a student is unable to attend a class, the student must advise Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences in advance or call the front office before the start of class.

Failure to attend class without prior notice, medical certificate or a personal agreement with relevant staff may result in the student experiencing difficulty in completing the assessments or assignments within the prescribed period and/or maintaining satisfactory progress in their program. In the case of illness, students are required to present a doctor’s certificate. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a copy of the notes and details of the class from fellow students or trainers to keep up with the course in question. Leaving class prior to the end of class time is not permitted. Arrangements for personal matters may be agreed upon, on a case-by-case basis, by the class trainer or the Principal. Request letters to leave early must be completed and approved by your trainer, which will be counter signed by the Principal.

Program Timetable and Course Duration

Whilst Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences takes every care to ensure that programs progress as planned and scheduled, it is expressly agreed between the student and Vcare's Global Institute of Health Sciences that the course duration, including the timetabled end date, may be varied due to extenuating circumstances. The achievement of the program outcomes is of primary importance to students and Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences .


In order for students to be able to learn the required skills all students are expected to:

Be willing to be a model in class so a partner student can practice the learnt skills needed to become competent in the course and/or Be willing to bring a model to class to practice the required skills Students are expected to arrange models to practice their skills throughout the course. If students are unable to bring models to class they MUST notify their educator 1-2 weeks prior to relevant class so the academy can try and find models who may be able to assist during that time.


Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences will not tolerate theft under any circumstances. This includes theft of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences property and personal property of any employees, visitors or students. The Principal/ Head of the institute will report any incidents of theft to the Police Station and the culprit(s) will be dealt with by the law. Students are asked to avail the locker facilities available in Vcare Global Institute of Health Sciences by paying Rs 200/- as a refundable deposit in the front office. The keys will be managed by the student till the course is completed. At the end of the course the fee will be refunded after handing over the key.

Chewing gum

Chewing of gum while at class hours is not permitted.


Smoking is not permitted inside either campus. Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences reminds students that the smell of smoke on the operator can detract from the quality of an experience for the client. Smoking is not permitted inside either Campus or in the area within four (4) metres of the front door of this Campus and the surrounding businesses.

Mobile phones

During class times mobile phones MUST remain in student bags in the lockers provided. Mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent to avoid disturbance of staff and other students. Phone calls, text and other forms of mobile communication are not to be answered during class. urgent phone calls can be taken at reception and message will be relayed.

Change of Address

Students are required to notify administration immediately of any changes of address or emergency contacts. Failure to provide this information can cause serious problems in the event of an emergency. Students have the opportunity to make amendments on feedback sheets at the conclusion of a unit.

Work Health and Safety

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is committed to promoting a safe and healthy work and study environment and recognises its obligation under the Health and Safety Act in the constitutional provisions on occupational safety and Health to, so far as practicable, provide and maintain a working environment where its employees and participants are not exposed to hazards. The policy requires individuals, including Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences students and campus visitors to take responsibility for contributing to their own safety in all circumstances. Training venue specific information about evacuation procedures, first aid, hazards and critical incidences and other necessary health and safety requirements will be discussed at the induction session.

Injury and Incident Reporting

All students, and visitors must report all incidences which have the potential to cause an injury or illness and/or damage to equipment, buildings, or the natural environment as soon as possible to the supervising staff member. Incidences may range from near-miss to serious accidents and emergencies.

Medical Attention

A student with any medical condition/s is required to make the Institute aware of the situation at time of enrolment. If the condition requires continuing medical attention or treatment, this must also be declared at the time of enrolment. The Institute must be informed of the required treatment, including any medication.

Amenities and Classroom Area

It is the responsibility of students using the student amenities area to ensure that the area is clean and tidy at all times and that all utensils are cleaned and returned to the storage area provided at the end of each use. In line with industry standards and what is expected in the work force, students will also be required to clean the class room and salon equipment at the end of the day.

Salon and Classroom Hygiene

Classrooms must be maintained in the same way and to the same standards, as salons, Spas or medical/skin clinics. At the end of a class or clinic, the outgoing class must ensure that the classroom is cleaned and made ready for the next class. This process includes any necessary disinfection or other hygiene procedure. All surfaces and mirrors are to be cleaned, floors mopped, rubbish placed in rubbish bags and removed to the student amenities area for removal by the cleaner. Students are to follow the instructions of the trainer at the close of the lesson and are not permitted to leave the lecture room until authorised by the trainer to do so.

Student Technology Devices

Students are provided their choice of a technology device to use during the year as part of their learning tools. While a student is in the program the device remains the sole property of Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences and is provided for training basis. Students are requested to keep the device clean and safe. Students in specific courses and/or units, receive the products and machineries to assist in their learning experience.Students are required to maintain the same in good order at all times and any breakages or losses must be replaced or repaired at the students’ personal expense.

Notice board

The institute has a notice board for general and student mail. Students wishing to place a notice on the notice board must provide it to the front office where administration will ensure that it is appropriate for general display and authorise the posting.

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences also display job opportunities on the board and encourage students to check the notice board regularly to keep up to date with all areas relevant to the Industry.


Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences students who have completed a program of learning that leads to the award of Beauty Therapist or Hair Dresser qualification are entitled to receive the following certification documentation on award of the qualification:

  • Certification for the course studied
  • record of marks

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences will issue an certificate within 30 days of a student completing the course or leaving the Academy provided all agreed fees have been paid.

Training and Assessments

Regular assessments that integrate all aspects of competency are program requirements for all students. The aim of all assessment is to reinforce learning and provide evidence of the capacity to perform the required task or tasks to industry standards. These standards include management of the particular task and environment, as appropriate to the level of qualification and area of responsibility. An assessment ideally results in confirmation that the student is competent in all respects of the competency. This is done in a holistic way over the entire training period and consists of in-class and in salon simulated industry based experience. Those who fail to meet this standard at the classroom stage will receive an opportunity to retake the assessment and/or to receive additional learning support and assessment. Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences reserves the right to charge students to re-sit the entire unit of competency. As a Registered Training Organisation, Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences is required to ensure that students are assessed against units of competency in an order dictated by pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements specified in the national training package.


Assessments are to be submitted to the faculty and will be counter signed by the Principal / head of the Institute. It is the responsibility of the student to retain a copy of their assignment. All assignments must clearly state on the top:

  • Students name
  • Name of the subject
  • Educators’ name
  • Date

The student will undergo formative assessment for each subject after the completion of the unit. A final summative assessment will be conducted which includes the complete syllabus. Practical assessment will also be formative and summative in nature. Equal marks will be provided for theory and practical. The Assessments are evaluated based on Reliability, Authenticity Accessability, Efficiency, Cost Effective, Adequacy of feedback, Transperancy and Validity. The student has to score more than 40 % in their formative assessments, practical examinations, summative assessments and record.

Indiscipline and malpractice of assessments :

  • Acts of intimidation or assault to fellow examiner or staff
  • Attempt to disturb or boycott examination
  • Copying from any paper or book
  • Attempt to tamper or steal question paper.
  • Disclosing identity in the exam hall
  • Usage of abusive language.


Where a student has been “Not Satisfactory” in any assessment activity (practical demonstration, theory exam, assignment) a timeframe of two (2) weeks from the date of notification will be granted for re-assessment. If the assessment item is not reattempted or at least arranged to be reattempted during this timeframe, the student will be required to attend classes for that unit again and will be charged accordingly.

Deadlines for Certification

Any assessments or reassessments that are due pending before certification must be received by trainers no later than 5 working days before certification to allow trainers adequate time for marking. Failure to submit any outstanding work on time may result in students being ineligible to receive the certificate.

Special Consideration and Deferred Assessment

On occasion, circumstances may prevent a student from sitting an assessment or handing in an assignment. In these cases the student is asked to put their circumstances in writing and submit them for consideration. All considerations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and decisions issued to students within seven (7) days.


Anyone who gives the impression that the ideas, words or work of another person are their own work is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism breaks Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences rules, criminal laws and can incur liabilities in civil law. Where a student fails to reference appropriately, direct copying of the work of another individual or the development or use of an idea, thesis or concept derived from another person’s work this can attract significant penalties. All individually assessed tasks and assignments must reflect a student’s own writing and not that of another student. Tasks and assignments must be independently written by each student, without the use of any other student’s ideas, words or work. Penalties may include the student having to re-submit or re-sit the assessment, referral to the Principal for disciplinary action if a student is found guilty of plagiarism a second time, exclusion from the course or even expulsion from Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences after repeat offences.


Cheating is student behaviour that sets out to defeat the purpose of any item of an individual assessment. Any student who cheats, attempts to cheat, or incites or assists another student to cheat in any assessment activity will face academic penalties.

Procedures for dealing with cheating/plagiarism cases

Allegations regarding cheating and plagiarism should be referred to the Principal who will investigate the matter and advise the teaching staff. In all cases the student will be advised in writing and given fourteen days to present their case as to why a penalty should not be applied. In the event that an allegation of cheating is proven, students are liable to incur a penalty. Penalties may include forgoing further resubmission opportunities for the unit, withdrawal from the unit and/or exclusion from the course.

The course fees is standard for each and every student. Special permissions and discounts are completely left to the discretion of the management due to various reasons and no one can question the same.

Course Cancellation

Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences courses are subject to a minimum number of students. Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences has the right to cancel class up to 24 hours before the start date. If a course cancellation occurs, students will receive a full refund.

Payment of Course Fees

Registration of the course will be confirmed only after the full payment or an advance payment agreed by the Institute.

The fees once paid cannot be refunded or transferred by any means The entire fees for the course has to be paid before the course is completed without which the certificate will not be issued.


Students may withdraw from a course at any time. Students will need to complete withdrawal procedures below to ensure all matters relating to course credits, outstanding fees and outstanding items are finalised. Contact the reception to arrange a withdrawal interview with the Principal. The Withdrawal Refund Policy will be adhered to for financial concerns. To confirm a withdrawal the student must complete the Withdrawal Application Form. Upon receipt of the Withdrawal Application Form students will receive any refund that applies.

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