• Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Sciences treats vocational education as equivalent to a formal education or a graduation which means teaching vocation courses in an international standard.
  • We VGIHS had been well recognized and successfully completed a decade with the credit of training our students with professionalism in the hair and beauty sector.
  • The students are provided with guaranteed placements after their completion of their courses.
  • The students are insisted to undergo an internship program at the end of the courses for practical illustrations and experience.
  • High Quality products are been used during the time of teaching and during the time of practical demonstrations.
  • The students who require our products for future use will be given at a student concession price.
  • The students are trained with all levels of branded products to update their knowledge to the current competitive industry.
  • VGIHS always insists to have a good theory knowledge for all the subjects since the theory acts as the skeleton of the course.
  • The students are trained with confidence in fundamentals and are then moved to the next part of the portions for proper foundation and deep knowledge.
  • The students are not only skilled in the given syllabus but also are given additional knowledge such as soft skills, language skills and the personality development which are relevant to the course.
  • We update the students with current events and trends related to the industry and encourage them to face competitions
  • We update our passed out students and up-grade them whenever required for a newly launched course for their knowledge up-gradation.
  • We always prefer the student of VGIHS for placement in the Vcare Group of companies. They are given the first priority since we truly know that they are skilful and professional.
  • We follow the international pattern of teaching skills with the modes of Assignments, Assessments, Records, and Field Work.
  • The students are trained in the systems knowledge since they will be appearing for the online assessment and also to upgrade their skills through internet.
  • The students receive their certificates during the convocation day with great pride and honour.
  • Best student awards are given for the outstanding students of VGIHS
  • Online courses are available for the students who are unable to attend the regular class room training.
  • The students are provided a luxurious environment for learning through A/C classrooms, smart classrooms, advanced labs and other amenities.
  • Library facility with more than 500 subject related books and magazines are available for the students to update their knowledge.
  • Apart from the classroom training the students are trained in field works, marketing skills and business management skills.
  • We believe that each student joins VGIHS with a dream for a better future and we strive to provide the same.

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